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by Shagun Vatsa on August 25, 2010

Last year, Andrew Shotland of Local SEO Guide  published the IYP (Internet Yellow Pages) SEO Rankings Report which soon became the authoritative source of figuring out which US IYP, 3rd party data provider or niche vertical directory trumps organic SERPs and is best at SEO. Net Magellan followed up with another detailed study and which reported IYP rankings across 274 US cities. I was really inspired by these reports and wanted to create a comprehensive and similar piece for Canadian IYPs and major data providers. I contacted Dev Basu, my fellow Canadian Local SEO buddy but our busy schedules never met and the study was delayed. I guess now that we work at the same company, finding time became a lot easier :)

Here are the key features and the framework of how the study was carried out:

  • Generic Canadian IYPs and citation sources we used based on their overall authority, web presence and traffic volume.
  • Top 11 Yellow Pages headings were chosen based on the Yellow Pages Association’s 2005-2009 YPA Local Media Tracking Study.
  • 100 largest Canadian cities by population were chosen based on the  Canada 2001 and 2006 census.
  • Keyword searches were performed on Google Canada English search engine.
  • Keyword searches were performed in the following format: <Heading>+<City> (eg: Car Dealers Toronto).
  • The final results are based on the visibility of the selected IYPs and how often they ranked in the top 10 organic search results.
  • The keyword rankings were processed through a software rank checker, which ultimately means that the data is close to 100% but may have errors due to time-outs or no results being returned.

To read the complete report along with the final results, head over to the Powered by Search blog.

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